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Oct 1st 2002


 Laurnea - Keep your head up: (JVC)


Five years ago, Laurnea (given name: Laurnea Wilkerson) arrived on the soul scene in a major way scoring it big time with 'Can't let go' which became a top ten hit on both the Billboard Top 100 and R&B charts. Her debut album called 'Betta Listen' soon followed that featured songs produced by some of today's hottest producers Omar, Raphael Saadiq and Speech (fr: Arrested Development fame).

Another album has come along since then (Laurnea 2 in 2000) which firmly showed the young singer's growth and maturity as an artist. Now an established and experienced singer and songwriter, Laurnea returns with 'Keep your head up' the new single taken fron her third album 'New Territory'. The song itself is a delight - full of gander and cheer, a mixture of old school renassiance and modern neo soul mystic. Laurnea's voice is distinctive, exceptionally wicked and well textured filled with all the warmth of a soft summer rain on a warm summer's day.

The album as a whole is excellent as it offers several more of these beaties for your listening ear. It's availble now at your local record shop so I would definitely advise you to pick up a copy if you haven't already (as it's money well spent - trust me).  A truly steller TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Laurnea's 'Keep your head up'




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