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Sept 15th 2002


 Donna Gardier - Home: (Dome)


Donna Gardier is a name you should be familiar with but you'd probably not recognize here on US soil. She is one of those singers that just seems to have staying power even when things doesn't go according to plan but here she is embarking on another chapter in her luminous career with a new album called 'Home' (on Dome Records).

Donna's career has all the traits of say Erykah Badu or Mary J. Blige but without the notoriety.  She made her debut album in 1991 'Reach Out' (on virgin) that had a couple of modest hits ('Good Thing' and 'Reach Out' respectively) and in '95 joined the group 'Raw Stylus' who's album 'Pushing against the Flow' had the hit 'Believe in me'. She then popped up on Full Flava's remake of the Quincy Jones/Patti Austin classic  'Betcha wouldn't hurt me' in 2000. 

Not one to stand still for long, Donna has now signed with UK indie giant Dome Records and will release her debut set for the label on Sept 30th. The album sees Urban Species Member Lennox Cameron co-writing and producing with Donna with plenty of tracks to capture your imagination. 

The lead off single and title track 'Home' is tailor made for radio - a dance floor filler in every sense while 'Decisions' and 'I am' are steady up tempo grooves that should move you. On the slower side of things 'Something Special', 'One and only' and 'Real Thing' are real winners for me but a favourite will no doubt be the acoustic updated version of Marvin Gaye's 'How sweet it is (to be loved by you)' produced by label mates Full Flavas

A welcome return for Donna that should see her garner top ten status for the first time. As she says 'I feel that now is a good time for soul music generally and for soulful, personal songs hopefully the public will like what I have to say' A true TY-D Pick indeed.

Listen to Donna Gardier's - 'Decisions'

Listen to Donna Gardier's - 'You don't know




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