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Sept 1st 2002


 Rahsaan Patterson - The Best: (MCA)


Where has Rahsaan Patterson been? For the last 3 yrs we've been teased with track after track by this talented singer/songwriter but still there's no full length that we know of. Well all that's about to change as I can now tell you that there is a new album on the horizon in the form of 'The Best'.

You're probably asking yourself...what a 'best of' but there's only been 2 albums to date right! Yes that's true but 'The Best' is an album of all new material and not a greatest hits as one might imagine.

It might be premature to write a review for an album that's not due for another 6 months but we are talking about one of my favourite singers in Rahsaan and so it just can't be helped. The last 3 tracks that he's done 2 of which have appeared on soundtracks (So Hot fr: Two can play that game, 'You make life so good' from the forthcoming soundtrack Brown Sugar) and 'The one for me' fr: Steve Harvey's - Sign of things to come will appear on the new album alongside several forthcoming soul masterpieces that's sure to wet the appetite. 

Currently making the rounds at the moment is 'The One for me' a song that's destined to be another smash hit for Rahsaan. In typical fashion he takes you on a musical journey of true soul spirit with a track consisting a sweet bass line, moving lyrics and pin point  production. Call your local radio station and ask them to play it frequent and often - it's that good. The latest track 'You make life so good' is just another shining example of this man's talent as a singer/songwriter and producer - moody overtones and strings married over a soothing bass line and Rahsaan's smooth baritone caressing the words as only he can - pure class.

Where his music is concerned, the man is a true genius in my mind the Marvin Gaye of the new millennium. I haven't heard a bad track yet in all his outings to date and that's saying a lot in today's standard cos' there is a lot of bad tracks about (if you catch my drift). Like you I eagerly await the new album as it should and (I will say) be 'something special'. Due date is tentatively set for early next February (I'm hoping it's sooner).   

A true TY-D Pick indeed. 


Listen to Rahsaan Patterson's  "So Hot"

Listen to Rahsaan Patterson's  "The one for me"



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