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Aug 1st 2002


 Will Smith - 1000 Kisses: (Columbia)


There's not much you can say about Will Smith's career. As the Fresh Prince, his success came to him early winning a grammy for rapping as part of Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince ('Parent's just don't understand') and a television show created especially for him. There's been ups and downs along the way for which he's paid his dues and has come out on top with a very impressive rapping and acting career that's included an *Oscar nomination for last years 'Ali' - an autobiographical movie of boxing legend Muhammad Ali

Now with his summer blockbuster movie Men in Black-2 in theatres and in full swing, Will has also released his 4th solo effort for Columbia called 'Born to Reign' (in which this latest single hails from.)

The song samples 'Luther Vandross's - Never too much' as it's back bone and features wife Jada Pinkett Smith in a surprisingly harmonizing duet role (who knew she could sing - another Gwyneth Paltrow on our hands perhaps). Will's form is in full swing in his delivery - and the song is a catchy little number filled with the usual Will Smith trait of fun lyrics and ad libs from his kids.  

Should be another hit for Mr. Smith and the album as a whole is really not bad either. If you're a Will Smith fan then you won't be disappointed. The album is available in stores now, the single is due next month - A TY-D Pick.


Listen to Will Smith feat: Jada  "1000 Kisses"



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