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July 15th 2002


 Amerie - Why don't we fall in love: (Columbia)


Amerie is a young lady destined for great things. The young DC resident is making a name for herself in the R&B arena with her debut single 'Why don't we fall in love' taken from her forthcoming debut set 'All I have' due July 30th (Columbia) 

The song produced by Rich Harrison (Mary J. Blige) is a sensual and realistic look at relationships and gives a powerful message of believing in your dreams. Radio stations across the land has been playing it on the regular and it's blowing up big time catching the imagination of the nation with anticipation for the release of her debut album.

Said Amerie when asked about what to expect from the album "The music and the lyrics really put you into a zone. When Rich and I began creating the record, we knew that fusing beautiful melodies with hard, hip-hop beats would move people. I think we've accomplished that" Music it seems was something she was born to do "It sounds like a cliché, but I always knew I was going to sing. I always knew that music was what I was going to do". Nevertheless this young star is shining and has a bright future ahead of her. A terrific debut from this up and coming soul singer. - A TY-D Pick indeed.


Listen to Amerie's  "Why don't we fall in love"



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