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July 1st 2002


 Truth Hurts - Addictive (Interscope)


Truth Hurts is a young lady on the rise to stardom. The talented newcomer who got her start with the aid of Dr. Dre is flying high with her debut single 'Addictive' (featuring Rakim). 

The successful West Coast rap producer signed her to his Aftermath label during the period of his chart-topping productions with Mary J. Blige ('Family Affair ') and Eve ('Let Me Blow Your Mind ') last year and has crafted a smash hit lead single for the young lass.

Produced by DJ Quik, the track features Eric B and Rakim's classic beat 'Paid in Full' (remember that record with Indian chanting) as the tagline and legendary rapper Rakim himself reprises his role with the rap cameo on the song. The track has taken a life of it's own getting enormous exposure both on radio and television and with the success of the record comes the album 'Truthfully Speaking' which arrived in stores last week (Jun 25th). I haven't gotten a copy of the full length yet but once I do I will give it a review. 

Nevertheless a great debut from this up and coming artist. - A TY-D Pick indeed.


Listen to Truth Hurts  "Addictive"



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