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July 1st 2000

Lucy Pearl - Lucy Pearl: LP (Pookie/BMG)

The group consists of 3 of the most talented R+B aritsts in the game today. Raphael Saadiq (Tony, Toni, Tone) Dawn Robinson (Envogue) and Ali Shaheed Muhammad (A Tribe called Quest) form Lucy Pearl, the new face in American Rhythm and Blues and with this much talent in one room you knew that you were in for something that's above ordinary.

The tracks on this set has all the right ingredients: catchy hooks, sweet lil' basslines, good flow in lyrics and not to mention the vocals of Raphael and Dawn. 

This lead off single 'Dance tonight' (which can be found on the "Love and Basketball" soundtrack) is wonderfully produced by Raphael and Ali with Dawn's pipes in high gear makes this song a hit with fans and radio programmers alike. This track only scratches the surface of the whole album as song after song seems to get better than the next. Trippin' is a refreshing look into the relationship between lovers, 'Everyday 'gives you that  moody downtempo feel and 'Don't mess with my man ' said exactly that.... so don't. 

Other notables includes 'Can't stand your mother ',  the Rock flavoured 'Hollywood ', They can't and what I personally think should be the next single 'LaLa '. Do yourself a favour and get the entire CD available at a fine record store near you - a most-def TY-D Pick.



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