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Apr 15th 2002


 Alexander O'Neal - Saga of a Married  Man :LP (Zinc)


Most of us (myself included) thought that Mr. O'Neal had left the soul arena for a more secluded life somewhere in the tropics but then out of the blue he surprised us all this year with a spanking new album called 'Saga of a Married  Man ' on a brand new label in Zinc. The 10-track set I have to say is not his strongest outing by a long shot but there are some noteworthy highlights throughout. 

The lead off single will be 'You're gonna miss me ' which has all the elements: a soothing bass line, a sweet hook and of course Alexander's voice carrying it  - a catchy dance number that gets your feet tapping right off the bat, then there's the bouncy 'He said, she said ' that utilizes some catchy guitar riffs and strings. Of all the tracks that are there, the one true stand out for me is the slow grinding 'My baby's gone ' not quite in the same league as 'If you were here tonight ' or 'A broken heart can mend ' but a fine ballad nevertheless that for me brought back the Alexander of old for sure - (on point with that one) Other notables are the remake of the Dramatics 'What you see is what you get ', 'It doesn't matter ' and 'It's OK '

If you are a fan of Alexander's work then you will find this one to be pleasing to the ear but I feel that he might be past his prime. This one should not be overlooked though it will be out in a couple of months so if you can find it pick it up. A  TY-D pick here.





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