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Mar 1st 2002


Jamming Janita Janita - I'll be fine: (Carport)


She has been putting out albums for some time now (this is her 5th to date) but you'll be hard pressed to hear her music played here in the states and not only that she looms large in Europe and Japan. 

Janita came to my attention on Gerry Devaux disc 'Back to you' back in 96 whose worked with Lesette Wilson and Angie Stone.) She was born in Helsinki, Finland and began her performing career at age 13. She recording her debut album Believer at the age of 19. Relocating to Brooklyn, she made her U.S. debut in 1998 with a self-titled effort issued on Sony's 550 imprint. I'll Be Fine  which went largely un-noticed.

'I'll be fine ' is a fine assessment of tracks that really grabs you from the start, each one as enjoyable as the next and that is not something that can be said for a lot of albums made these days. Standouts are  the dance floor mover  'Firefly' and the Latin hinted  'Be Yourself', however, the track that really caught my eye (and will probably get yours too), is the melodic and misty mooded 'Angel Eyes '. A slice of true jazz rhythms married with the soul of R&B, a terrific track through and through (doesn't get any better than this I tell can you).    

This one should not be overlooked it's one of my candidates for Album of the Year. If you can find it pick it up (it simply doesn't disappoint). A most definite TY-D pick here.


Listen to "Angel Eyes

Listen to "I'll be fine

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    Source: All Music Guide



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