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Jan 15th 2002

 D'Influence - D'Vas: (Dome) 


Kwame Kwaten and the gang of D'Influence are back (and rightfully so) to grace us with the sweet sound of their music. They have signed with Dome Records for an album entitled 'D-Vas', a 15-track set that will features 11 different female vocalists and all produced by D'Influence

The likes of  former D'Influencer Sarah Anne Webb, Shola Ama, Romina Johnson and Dee C. Lee get to strut their stuff with newcomers such as Belle Montenegro and Dyanna Fearon (niece of 80's hitsmaker Phil 'Galaxy' Fearon). 

All but two of the songs will be written by D'Influence, with the exception of Romina Johnson's remake of Gladys Knight's 'Taste Of Bitter Love'. It will be released by Dome in March so be sure to look out for it. No scheduled release for the states as of yet but I'll keep you posted.

Listen to 'Show me Love'






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