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Jan 1st 2002

No 'denying' this lass - Jaguar Wright Jaguar Wright - Denials, Delusions and Decisions: (MCA) 


Jaguar’s debut album is an highly anticipated release with songs that speak out from her family’s trials to capricious love affairs, Jaguar sees herself as a modern day Etta James. Most of all Jaguar wants her album to affect people positively. “ I hope it will change somebody’s life or at least soothe or comfort somebody-which is why I wrote an album full of real songs about real situations, the whole album is about my life situations that I have lived and seen” she said

The pick of the crop is hard to choose really but there's a duet with Bilal on the eroticly mellow groove “I Can’t Wait”, also with the help of Black Thought, “Ain’t Nobody Playin’.” puts a jealous ex-friend in her place but it is on the empowering song, “Self Love, Self Preservation,” that the message from lessons lived and learned truly comes through in the delivery of the powerful lyrics: “Love yourself, believe in yourself, be true to yourself, be you for yourself. Do you;” which she sings like they are the most important words she will ever belt out. All of the songs on the album, aptly titled Denials, Delusions and Decisions, speak to some issue or situation that has helped make Jaguar both the artist and woman that she is.

The album is set to hit stores Jan 29th here in the states no date on the European shores yet (most likely will be the same time also) but a set worthy for your ear don't be surprised if it's not one of the years best.

Listen to 'I can't wait' feat: Bilal






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