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Nov 15th 2001

Atlanta's own - Seek Seek - Mars and Venus: (Giant Step) 


If you're into the likes of Fly By Nature, Cooly's Hot Box, Fertile Ground  or The Sirius B Project well Seek is right up your league. Hailing from Atlanta, this 7 piece band has a well polished, tight sound and the album "Venus and Mars" is a shining example of their hard work. 

A set that's filled with terrific tracks from start to finish, Venus and Mars is well written and produced unfortunately not much more is known about them (they don't have an official website). Most promising tracks (in my eyes) are 'Mountains', 'Ask yourself', 'Before you' and 'The story of us' (Cotton belly rmx). 

They've just got an official label deal with Giant Step and you can listen or download their music at MP3.com. Don't pass up on this one definitely one of the surprises of this year.






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