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Nov 1st 2001

British Babes - Miss-Teeq Misteeq - One Night Stand: (Inferno/Telstar)


The brit-teen princesses return with this their 3rd single taken from the debut album "Licking from both Sides".  Following in the footsteps of 'All I want' and the debut single 'Why' (both British charting Top Ten hits),  Sabrina, Alesha and Su-Elise form the all girl group and will most likely draw comparisons to Destiny's Child and Blaque but make no mistake musicly they are far more superior than their American counterparts. 

Their sound is fresh and a touch of the English rhythm called 2-step (that's yet to catch on here in the states) is evident in this new number of theirs Blending kindly the mass appeal of R&B and house makes this one a winner in my books and maybe the ladies first No. 1 hit. I have to say a good record round and round and I'm sure they'll find their way onto my top Ten @ 10. Another TYD Pick.






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