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Oct 15th 2001


The Abstract One - Q-Tip Q-Tip - Kamaal the Abstract : (Arista) 


We all know him as Q-Tip the former front man to the rap group we all know as A Tribe called Quest. A few years back he ventured out on his own with his debut set 'Amplified' (on Arista) now he returns with his sophomore set for the label in 'Kamaal The Abstract' a 9 track piece that is close to the rappers' heart in the gender it was conceived. 

The combination of jazz and rap has always intrigued Q-Tip to bring to the table songs that move and groove you and 'Kamaal' steers you in that direction. With jazz musicians Kenny Garrett (saxophone), Gary Thomas (sax, flute), and Kirk Rosenwinkle (guitar) on board in guest appearing roles 'Kamaal' is sure to please all of his fans (both old and new). The album will be in stores October 23rd don't let this one pass you by. 

A most def Ty-D Pick


Track ListingTrack listings. 

1. Feelin'
2. Do You Dig You
3. Million Times, A
4. Blue Girl
5. Barely In Love
6. Heels
7. Reverber For Factory
8. Coming
9. Even If It's So




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