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Sept 1st 2001

Mr. Smooth - Rell Rell - If that's my baby  (Roc-a-fella/Elektra)



Rell....who the hell is Rell you might be asking yourself? The name might not a recognizable one (yet) but if this latest effort is any indication to just how fine a talent this young man is then it will be not only a recognizable one but a household one as well.

We were first introduced to Rell in 1998 with the much un-noticed 'Love for free' (which incidentally is included on his debut album 'The Remedy') 'If that's my baby' is quite another story. Produced and written by Mike City (Sunshine Anderson, Angie Stone) the song is a welcome reminder of what an R&B ballad should be and Rell's voice carries it ever so effortlessy. It's already a hit with me and on the show having occupied the No.1 spot on The Menu's 'Top Ten at 10' 2 weeks in a row and counting.

The album 'The Remedy' will be in stores forthcoming (no street date was set prior to this review) but nevertheless if and when it does get released, do not I repeat do not pass up on it - A most definite Ty-D Pick. Take a listen to his album by clicking the image above.   



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