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Aug 1st 2001

Fly by Nature Fertile Ground - I'm Free : (Fly by Nature)



You know it angers me to see such good acts not getting their due when these one hit wonders get all the hype and glory. Case and point is the British born and based Fly by Nature the 6 member band that consists of Roy Williamson - Bass guitar, Serge Heselton - Guitar , Bernadette Powell - vocals, James Hughes - Keyboards, Rob Van Den Hoek - Saxophone and Rob Waisome - Drums.

Formed in 1997 by founding member and bass guitarist Roy Williamson, Fly by Nature is one of those bands that have the knack to to put out great music and 'I'm free ' is a classic example. Tight production complimented by borg synths and a classic bass line borrowed from 'Light of the World's - London Town ', Bernadette's spoken word is firm and direct and gets straight to the point of the conversation. 

Taken from the forthcoming ep 'Songbook ' (which they'll release on their own label) , 'I'm free ' is an excellent testament to the group's rich heritage in soul music. Don't pass up on this one if you can get a copy buy it. Another Ty D pick indeed.



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