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June 1st - 15th 2000

Tommy Sims - Peace and Love : LP (Universal)

With the likes of Jill Scott and Lucy Pearl already burning up the cyberspace airwaves you would find it hard to believe there's something better that's out on the market at the moment...... there isn't but this record definitely ranks up there as one of the best albums that's been released this year.

Tommy's voice is a soothing change from the rest of the male genders occupying the charts nowadays. He carries a tune with the authority of a young Donnie Hathaway and this is ever so evident with the track 'When you go' a sultry mid-tempo track that glistens with desire for you to get up and shake a leg.

You can hear the passion of this man's soul in the words of his songs, a depth so strong and relentless in his music you can't help but look into your traveled path of life. The entire lp grabs you and takes you on a listening joyride track after track especially with 'A New Jam', a deliciously soulful and damn right funky track that most definitly will find a home on every radio programmer's playlist (if they have a pulse) and the title track. Notables include The way it used to be, Write one this way and Comin' home. If you want to find out more then I suggest to go to your nearest record store and get your own copy - definitely a TY-D Pick.




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