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June 15th 2001

The Lovely Lisa Stansfield Lisa Stansfield - Let's just call it love : (Arista)



To me when it comes to top notch singers they come no highly  regarded nor rated than the lovely Lisa Stansfield who's last self titled release was one of the most underrated and under played albums of 97. Well after a relocation to Ireland with hubby and partner Ian Devaney and a 4 yr absence from the industry Lisa returns with her latest effort called 'Face Up' (Arista)  

As well as writing and producing the set with her hubby Ian this marks the first album that they have produced and collaborated on without former band member/collaborator/producer Andy Morris who has ventured out on his own 2 yrs ago ( with no hard feelings no less). The first single 'Let's just call it love' is a true testament to Lisa's exceptional and unique voice, you expect nothing less from her and what a great track it is. All the elements are in place here, strings, horns, driving bass line all shining through in their respective areas making this one another big hit for her. The single will be released June 4th in the UK but no street date has been scheduled for the US as of yet. The album has a tentative street date for late summer. 

Don't pass up on this one as soon as I get a copy I will be playing it very frequent and often on the show as I would say " A TY-D Pick indeed".




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