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June 1st 2001

Damozel - Everyday's a party : (MCA)


Damozel are 4 young, very beautiful, sexy ladies whose names are Lisa, Tasha, Tamisha, and Brandy. The group's name was taken from the French name 'Damoiselle' which means 'Young lady' and that they are with the average age between them being just 18. They scored a hit with their debut single 'You don't know me like that ' taken from their debut album of the same name earlier this year. 

The quartet now returns with their very impressive follow-up 'Everyday's a party ' an energetic and equally brilliant R&B dance track produced by newcomer Eddie Berkeley. All is present to make this one an even bigger hit than the last, a mid-tempo thumping bass line with great instrumentation to compliment the song. 

No release date on the single or the album yet but it's likely to drop sometime this summer. Don't pass up on this one I will be playing it very frequent and often on the show as I would say " A TY-D Pick indeed".



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