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April 1st 2001

Smoothe singing - Jesse Powell Jesse Powell JP: LP (MCA)


Jesse Powell returns to the fray of mainstream RNB with 'JP ' his third release for Silas/MCA Records. Fresh off the heels of his gold-selling sophomore album, Bout It , which resurfaced You, its #1 hit single.

Born in Gary, Ind. Jesse (who is the older brother to singing sisters
Trina and Tamara) wears a few hats on this album serving as one of the executive producers as well as doing songwriter and arranger duties. The first single, If I, gives the general public a taste of Jesse's incredible voice that seems to reach four-octave range at all times.

'JP ' is a 12 song set that kick starts with 'I'll take the world ' a slow down, mid-tempo groove that Jesse's voice utilizes with sultry ease, following suit is the current single 'If i? ' and I'm sure you're aware of this one (if not - where have you been hyphenating?) One note here, the album piano intro version that's being played on radio is not featured on the album so you will most likely have to buy the single to get that version of the song. 

The majority of the songs are ballads (85%) so you might have a hard time choosing between, 'I'm Leaving ', 'Go upstairs ' - (a 'get your groove on now' command), 'I didn't realize ' and 'Invisible Man '. 'I'd rather be alone ' - defines the feeling one experiences through heartache and the classic One Way track 'Something in the Past ' is revamped to perfection Jesse Powell style.  

Having come from a musical family background, (Mom, Dad and sisters
Trina and Tamara all being singers) Jesse truly shines from the rest of the male sopranos by delivering his music straight from the heart, now that's sincerity. Another hit album in the works here released to the world on Mar 27th  but not to worry 'cos you will be hearing alot of the album on my internet radio show 'The Menu' on Mixx96fm.com - A definite Ty-D Pick.




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