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Feb 16th 2001

Methrone - Your Body : (Clatown/Capitol)


Following in the footsteps of fellow Chicagoan R. Kelly, Methrone has the music industry buzzing his name on the tip of their tongues and with good reason as his 1st single ' Loving each other for life ' is already burning the airwaves across the country and world.

His latest release 'Your Body ' follow suit with all the right ingredients to establish himself as a major player in the R+B field. Methrone's voice is well poised for this sexy ballad that has luscious strings and harmonies as the prelude to the song. The record as a whole may come a dime a dozen with the same formula but it should find success at the end of the rainbow with radio formats all over.

Taken from the album " My Life " which is available  now at record shops and stores everywhere give it a  listen I'm sure you'll find something to your likening




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