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Oct 1st 2000

Doin' his thing Usher - Pop your collar (LaFace)


Originally from Chattanooga TN, Usher has come along way from his early beginnings as a young 14 yr old choir boy belting out the choir hymns at his local church in his new home of Atlanta, GA.

He returns to the music scene after a 3 year absent with a new single from his forthcoming set 'All about u ' his 4th album for LaFace (projected availability date Dec 5th everywhere)

Penned by Usher himself alongside Kevin 'She'kspear' Briggs (who serves as producer on this track) this track will no doubt put Usher back on top. The song itself takes on a Rodney Jenkins feel with the beats but the song is all Usher as he brings the track to life as only he could. This one will be a sheer delight for all of his fans 'cos he does not disappoint here, a great track that should play well on most radio station's formats across the board.

This one has the potential to go all the way to the top and I give it a mos. def Ty-D pick.





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