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Apr 15th 2005


Street song - Positive Flow Positive Flow ft: Donna Gardier - The City Streets: (Shanachie)

In the last few decades, the British music scene has always had the 'le creme de la creme' in the way of soul and R&B talent. In the new millennium alone there's been several artists who have paved the way for the new wave of music categories from '2-step' to 'neo soul'. The likes of Omar, D'Influence and Jamiraquai have helped to shine the spotlight in the way of newcomers Jamiliah, Terri Walker and Juliette Leon

British soul just seems to be better than it's US counterparts (no punt intended) it's plain to see that when you listen to a soul tune from the UK and a soul tune from the states - the difference is really quite starkling and as clear as night and day (at least to me) and so we come to the act on display today.

Positive Flow is the baby of one Jesse Reuben Wilson a young British born native who have put together a set worthy of champions with some heavy hitters on it. Former leading lady of Raw Stylus and once a member of Sting's band Donna Gardier is most present as well as Gary Barnacle of Jamiraquai fame and Robin Jones who has played percussion for Sade.

The multi-talented instrumentalist who is a self-taught drummer, bass player, guitarist and keyboardist knew from an early age that music was his forte. By the age of four he was playing the drums and was a fan of veteran jazz drummer Billy Cobham. At seven he got his first drum kit and by 14 he added the bass to his musical conquests. However, Jesse says a pivotal moment in his musical development was when his step-mother bought him a four-track recorder when he was 16. He recalls "I started laying down rhythm tracks with a milk bottle, bass over that, etc. and then I was hooked from that point onwards. I knew I had to put it all together so I used my money from my weekend job to book studio time to experiment."

The end result speaks for itself with the track 'The City Streets'. The tune is very well devised and crafted, well produced and is highlighted by Donna's stunning vocals. It starts with the lead in of morg keys with a steady grooving baseline creeping in the rear followed by Donna's soothing yet powerful voice as she takes you on a journey down 'The City Streets'.

The album 'Can You Feel It' is available now (it's been out since last August but I just now got a copy myself) you can buy it from their website among other web outlets such as amazon.com and hmv.co.uk. A superb track by all accounts and one I'm sure you'll agree that is worthy of all it's accolades - A TYD Pick indeed.

Sir TY

Listen to Positive Flow ft: Donna Gardier - 'The City Streets'




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