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Mar 15th 2005


IGetting props - The Strange Fruit Project The Strange Fruit Project- Ooh Wee: (Black Son Ent.)


It's seldom that I review rap tracks in my reviews. As you all know I am a lover of music but the rap music that's dominating the airways today well let's just say it's not quite my cup of tea if you know what I mean.

But every now and again a track or an artist catches my listening ear and from the first listen, I knew that the music, material or the members of the group had something special going. The group in question is The Strange Fruit Project and the 'members' are 3 MCs; Myone (prononced My Own), Myth & Symbolyc One who all hail from Waco, Texas.

Now we hear a lot about the 'dirty south' and the rap music that's been bubbling under the radar the last decade or so (think of Outkast out of Atlanta, Trick Daddy in Miami and Nappy Rootz from North Carolina all of whom are coming into their own and enjoying the limelight). The Strange Fruit Project is leaning in the same direction although not for the reasons you might think. You see they don't have the flashy million dollar videos or get up you know, they are just down to earth MCs and singers (yes SINGERS) which is very, very rare in rappers nowadays. These lads can harmonize like there's no tomorrow and the proof is in the track reviewed here today.

Ooh Wee starts off with soft morg keys and a smooth thump bass that sees the fellas gently entering the frame with some soothing harmonizing vocals then you're lead into the hook sung beautifully by newcomer Lysoul. Production and beats are key here and provided by the leader and founder of the group, producer Symbolyc One (or S1 as the monike reads). As you might suspect, the groups name was devised from the Billie Holiday tune 'Strange Fruit' which talked about lynching a black man in the south in the days of slavery but no such drama unfolding here just the music that speaks for itself giving the same message of power and strength in recognition.

It's plain to see why The Strange Fruit Project are who they are and where they are but it's not plain to see why such a body of talent is not heard on a more global stage yet on their their own turf. They've found success in the cites like Philly and Los Angeles where the fusion of the jazz-tinted rap is more welcomed than in thier native home and that is just not right but it's the mindset, it's just the midset ofpeople who are programmed to listen to what's played on radio and not what's playing in their community. Too often is the case where such talent is easily overlooked but TSFP demand your listening ear.

The album called 'From Divine' is out now you can peep tracks from it at CDbaby.com and while you're there check out their new set called 'Soul Traveling' and see why it's essential that these talented musicians gets the props they so richly deserves. - A TYD Pick indeed.

Sir TY

Listen to The Strange Fruit Project - 'Ooh Wee'




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