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Mar 1st 2005


It's her time -Terri Walker Terri Walker - This is my time: (Def Soul UK)


We all became acquainted with Terri a couple of years ago when she blasted her way unto the soul scene literally with her debut set entitled 'Untitled'. The set garned several hit songs for her including 'Love Fool', 'It's all good' and 'Guess you didn't love me' that featured rapper 'Mos Def'.

With that kind of success under her belt, Terri who was born in London and grew up in Europe (in Germany to be precise) went to Denmark to team up again with the same producers for her follow-up disc and found them to be a team of soulsters who has worked with some of the biggest names in the pop and soul industry including Jamelia, So Solid Crew's Asher D and Mariah Carey. That team would be the Copenhaniacs who with fellow countrymen producers Soulpower would produced her sophomore set - 'L.O.V.E'

The song I'm reviewing here could very well be the summer anthem this year (for me at least) the track in question is called 'This is my time', a club anthem that gets your juices flowing from it's first inception. The back bone of the track sees it borrowing the 80s classic track from Dynasty' - 'Adventures in the Sound of Music' as Terri truly turns in a stunning vocal performance for the masses to listen to. Very well produced, beautifully defined, a winner all round in my books.

The album itself is out now on Def Soul UK records and is definitely one for your shopping list. Terri is the new breed of soul singer for the new millennium and is gearing up to be a star in the making for years to come - do not overleook this young lady as the song says, this is her time (believe that). - A TYD Pick indeed.

Sir TY

Listen to Terri Walker - 'This is my time'




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