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Feb 15th 2005


Looking good - Teedra Teedra Moses - Caution: (TVT)


With the success of her debut single 'You'll Never Find (A Better Woman) featuring Jadakiss, newcomer Teedra Moses serves up her second helping 'Caution' taken from her debut set Complex Simplicity.

The New Orleans native who was once a make-up artist to the stars and R-Kelly's assistant has come along way since her days of applying foundation and has really come into her own with style and vibe of music.

Co-written and produced by Teedra alongside up and coming producer Pauli Pol (Black Eyed Pea), 'Caution' sees the singer shine with dazzling effect on this effort. The record from the off has the 80s groove and feel to it (purposely done too I would think), lased with a thumping baseline groove and Teedra singing the lyrics with great distinction and grace - a solid and steller performance from a singer who's definitely on the rise in the soul scene arena.

The album itself has producing credits that includes none other than Mr. Raphael Saadiq himself who produced 4 songs on the set. Several songs have radio friendly written all over them, tracks like 'Take Me', 'Be Your Girl', 'Caught Up' and 'For A Lifetime' are a few and really just scratches the surface on a whole. For me this is one album that was largely overlooked by most last year.

You can find the album at any fine record shop around your neighbourhood area as well as on the net at Teedra's website www.teedramoses.com. - A TYD Pick indeed.

Sir TY

Listen to Teedra Moses - 'Caution'




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