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Feb 15th 2005


Classy dance tune - Safri Duo Safri Duo - Baya Baya: (Geffen)


When it comes to music, dance music really gets the juices flowing. In my hay day of clubbing I remember getting ready for a night out and preparing myself to shake a leg and most importantly sweat and dance the night away. It never fails when you hit the club, where you hear a record played and it stands out, sticks with you and you can't seem to shake it.

This happened to me on several occasions and most recently when I went out for my birthday last month. I thought that this record was a new joint but in reality it came out some 4 years ago. I thank the DJ for giving me the name of the artist and record (the DJ himself his name I didn't get I have to say) which I duely went and got the following day. The group is Safri Duo and that song was Baya Baya

Their humble beginngs starts in 1977. Uffe SAvery wanted to play sax and Morten FRIis was a trumpeter, (the name Safri came from the 1st two and three letters of their last names respectively) and the percussion section of the Tivoli Guard was looking for players in the percussion section and the two met.

The two struck up a friendship that has remained intact ever since. Safri Duo had its debut in 1988 at the conservatory hall. Morten recalls the evening as one where, "sweat was running down the walls". Safri Duo, and the unique explosive energy that is its signature, had become a reality. "Something happens when we play together", Morten begins, and Uffe continues: "When we're both in the moment, it ignites : synergy, energy, magic, whatever you want to call it. And it takes the two of us to create the spark".

The marriage of classical music, Spanish guitar and Brazilian drums forged a path for the two to explore and explore they did. and the result is some of the most pulsating dance music to come around in years.

Baya Baya delves into the gendre of these categories with strong venum and is poise to cause a stur at any party it's played. It's mystical foggy beginning is slowly enhanced by the introduction of the Brazilian drums and drives into the heart of the track with a club anthem baseline and the vocal hook to wheel you onto the dance floor - excellent dancing material.

Taken from the album Episode 2 (on Geffen Records) which is available now at a fine dance music record shop near you. Check it out if your a dance music lover definitly one for your playlist. - A TYD Pick.

Sir TY

Listen to Safri Duo - 'Baya Baya'




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