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Dec 15th 2004


All about 'Kem'istry - Kem Kem - I can't stop loving you : (Motown)


A true success story is really the highlight of real determination and dedication such is the case of talented singer Kem Owens. With the success of his debut album, Kemistry Kem is really to tackle the spotlight again with the release of his yet-to-be-titled sophomore set.

Kem, who is a self-taught musician, wrote and produced Kemistry, put it out on his own label and sold some 10,000 copies before Motown came knocking to sign him.

His story is very much the same of any other. He was born in Nashville but raised in Detroit, (coincidentally the birthplace of Motown Records). From an early age he knew what he wanted to do in life "I wanted to make music all of my life. I started playing piano when I was five," he recalls. "My grandparents had a piano in their house and my earliest memory of playing was on that piano. There's something about a piano that turns me on."

With musical influences coming from the likes of talented musicians and songwriters such as Grover Washington Jr, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, The O'Jay's and Prince, Kem found his muse in their music and would carved a nitch for himself as an artist. Never losing focus of his dream to be an artist, he did the odd jobs to pave the way from busting tables to singing top 40 music for a wedding band but he never lost sight and eventually opportunities arose. With the success of Kemistry, he would form his band and share the same stage with acts such as WAR, Donald Byrd, Rachelle Ferrell and MeShell N'degeocello.

The lead off single is the soothing, mystical ballad 'I can't stop loving you'. Kem brings alive a song of exquisite quality, with his sweet baritone voice breathing life into the words created to waken those sensual feelings that you want to share with that some one you care deeply about. The production is top draw merited by the song's carefully crafted overtures and strings - one you'll want to put 'repeat' on your playlist.

If this song is any indication to what we have to look forward to on the full length then we are in for a treat. A worthy TY-D pick indeed - period

Sir TY

Listen to Kem - 'I can't stop loving you'




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