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Dec 1st 2004


Potential to be huge -Raheem DeVaughn Raheem DeVaughn - Guess who loves you more: (Jive)


Every once in a while you hear a singer that makes you stop what you're doing and take notice and a few years ago that happened with me. The singer was then in a duo group called CrossRhodes and in case you're not aware of whom I'm talking about - it's the young cat by the name of Raheem DeVaughn.

A Beltville Maryland native, DeVaughn's story begins with his mother's vinyl collection. "I always loved music so I would sneak into her record collection when she wasn't around and play her stuff," he says "Music was just always around me. I can remember at a very young age, standing in my mother's living room, listening to music and saying to myself, 'I'm going to be an entertainer.' It was that simple for me. I think I just always knew." Although his parents were not together, his father, the talented jazz musician Abdul Wadud, was a big influence as well.

With the grit between his teeth he took the next step and started to hone his craft. He had always known that his forte would lie in music and it was none so evident than when entering his first talent show contest in Washington DC, he won it and the top prize of $2000.

At this time he was in college at Coppin State and it was around this time that he started to do his own demos and his now legendary 'mixtapes'. He would hook up with friends from around the way to form the group and label/website UrbanAve31.com where he and vocalist Tennyson Richards and producer/mc/dj Omar 'Mr. Who?' Retnu serve as the founding members.

And even though as a duo, CrossRhodes didn't garner the recognition they deserved, they have a loyal fanbase and still co-exist with a new album in the works for release later this year. Speaking of release, this latest effort is from his debut major label release 'The Love Experience' (Jive)

With the determination of a true scholar, Raheem really brings his work to the forefront and it shows in this delightful piece of neo/soul R&B music. Blending the rhythm overtones of the 70s with todays technology is nothing new but the vocal baritone of Raheem is as it's not the norm you'll hear that's floating about but rather brash and yet soothing all in the same fluid motion. 'Guess who loves you more' should be on every urban and contemperary radio station playlist across the country (whether it happens remains to be seen)

This record is really one for the masses and has the potential to be the big break out hit for him. Definitely one to look out for next year as the album is slated to drop later next year. A worthy TY-D pick indeed - period


Listen to Raheem DeVaughn - 'Guess who loves you more'




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