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Oct 15th 2000

Mike E - Master Plan: LP (Capitol)

Mr. Etheridge (hense the E) hails from Portsmouth, Virginia, the birth place of Missy Elliot and a stone's throw from Norfolk which is the home town of beats renown artist/producer Timberland and his debut album (on Capitol Records) bears the same name as the first single.

His story of coming to providence is like most others who has struggled to get that lucky break and that came by way of Super Artist/producer Teddy Riley who had just recently moved his studio to Virginia. Teddy caught a dose of Mike as part of the group the Neptunes and signed them there and then to a development deal with his label 'Lil'Man records. Turns out that things weren't moving fast enough for the group so they went their seperate ways but Mike stayed in touch with Teddy and asked Teddy to work with him as a solo artist. Teddy did but because of his schedule could not sign as a solo act so he put him in touch with Capitol Records and the rest is history.

The album features 4 songs produced by Teddy including the title track Master Plan which has Teddy's trademarks all over it from the harmonies to the jack swing beats. The 13 track set also includes songs focused on relationships, family and religion with "Look In the Water", respect for home and family on "Say the Word," "No Doubt", forgiveness and reconciliation on "One More Chance," and "Don't Change Your Mind". There's depth and soul in this young man's heart and you can take it home with you by picking up a copy for yourself.




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