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Sept 15th 2004


REally hot track - The Sunburst Band The Sunbusrt Band - You Make Me So Hot: (Z Records)


Although this band is relatively a new one, they sure do have a solid sound about them. Their songs have layers of disco texture accomplimented by a distinctive house groove that is just so on point, you can't help yourself but to dance to their music whenever you hear it.

Put together by UKs renowned house DJ and producer Dave Lee who's alter ego is (wait for it:) none other than Joey Negro, The Sunburst Band is bound to succeed in their respective field jsut on merit of their members. The nuance or the idea of Mr. Lee doing this was to get together a group consisting some of the UK's top performers in the Jazz Funk, Soul and House arena and progressively tailer make a band for the ages. With members stelling from acts like Incognito, Jamiroquai and the Kyoto Jazz Massive, it's easy to see why how that can be achieved.

This record has been out in the UK some some years now (5 to be exact) but I only recenty got ahold of it here in the states so it's on tap for today's reviewing. It's not quite up there in the house music dept as one might expect but it's equally as impressive in the soul genre. The song You Make Me So Hot, was originally a huge hit for Barbara Lynn back in the mid 80s in the UK and by all accounts it seemed to be a tall order to take on but the revival of the song by them has some very strong merits in comparion contrary to surfice.

Not straying too far from the original format, the production on this one is really quite excellent considering that it is a soul record rather than a house track. The creative brainchild of Joey has all the right elements used in all the right areas to make this renindition one to remember for some time to come I think, and upon one listen you might think the same yourself.

If you're not a fan of their work then you should because it's excellent stuff from top to bottom on the album. They've also got a new set out called 'Until The End Of Time' that's making the rounds as well (I'll review that one at a later date) so you might want to get both because they are both brilliant in their own right. A worthy TY-D pick indeed - period


Listen to The Sunburst Band - 'You Make Me So Hot'




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