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Aug 15th 2004


New single - Amerie Patti Labelle ft Floetry - Hear my Cry: (MCA)


There isn't much that cannot be said about Patti Labelle's forty plus year career. Her untiring ability to constantly provoke the boundries of her music and shape it in a way to always invite new fans to her work is a tribute to her capabilities as an artist who's been there and done that. She's mastered her learning curves and has provided a body of work that is evident of that and is second to none. You can truly label her a 'diva' of the music industry.

Speaking of her body of work, her latest release 'Timeless Journey' is a testiment to her staying young at heart. Although she's exited from MCA to a new label in Def Soul Classics (home to the the likes of Case and Kelly Price), each song represents a growth to her charasmatic personna with a breath of fresh air about them. She's incorporated some of the industry's best to work with her. From old school acquaintanses Bunny Sigler, Greg Phillinganes and Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds to the likes of Carlos Santana, Shiela E, Terry Dexter and Troy Taylor who all shared their talent on the album.

On display today is a track that features the UK duo Natalie Stewart and Marsha Ambrosius aka Floetry. Hear My Cry is a lovely example that Patti has always been a talent to reckon with. Lush harmonies and rhythethic overtones are the order of the day for the song with Patti's angelic vocals as the atar performer. Floetry is an added bonus to the song with their own style of vocals shining through.

A excellent track all round and just goes to prove that she can keep up with the young guns of today. Be sure to pick up her new set as it's truly one of the best albums out so far this year. A worthy TY-D pick indeed - period


Listen to Patti Labelle ft Floetry - 'Hear My Cry'



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