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Aug 1st 2004


New single - Amerie Amerie - Think of You: (Columbia)


Amerie took the world by storm with her debut release 'All I Have' two years ago. The album featured hits like 'Why can't we fall in Love', 'Nothing like Loving You' and the title track, so the burning question fans worldwide beckoned upon the young songstress was 'Can she top that success?' Well my friends I can tell you this - if her latest single is any indication to what's in store for us on her sophomore album then 'YES', indeed she certainly can

Although she's currently in the studio working on her sophomore album that is yet to be titled I might add, there is a new single called 'Think of You' that can be found on the movie soundtrack of 'Honey' that came out earlier this year (starring Jessica Alba). I know that it's been out for a while but hte song is a stand out from the soundtrack and besides I just recently got the soundtrack myself.

Produced by Rodney Jenkins (Brandy, Michael Jackson, Mary J. Blige, and Usher are just a few to mention), the song samples the 70s classic rare groover 'Move me No Mountain' by Love Unlimited (the group formed by Barry White that features his wife Glodean White on vocals) as it's mainstay groove. A heart-felt baseline carries the track throughout as Amerie tackles the song head on with enthausist and gives a very soothing yet polished vocal performance.

Ever since her infectous debut album dropped, she's been appearing with the likes of LL Cool J (the song being Paradise where she appears in the video) as well as having her remake of Diana Ross's 'I'm Coming Out' appear on another soundtrack, 2002s Jennifer Lopez vehicle 'Maid in Manhattan' so she has been a busy gal to say the least.

The gorgeous young DC resident is making a name for herself in the R&B arena and is quickly becoming a star in the making with various other projects on her agenda. No date available for the upcoming sophomore set but will keep you posted - A worthy TY-D pick indeed - period


Listen to Amerie - 'Think of You'



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