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Jun 15th 2004


She returns - Jill Scott Jill Scott - Golden: (Hidden Beach)


Can you believe it's been 4 years since Jill Scott first blessed us with her infectous debut 'Who is Jill Scott - Words and Sounds Vol.1'. The Philadelphia native has since given us a live set in 2002 but no new material to speak of at that point - until now that is.

Its now July 2004 and although we haven't heard her she has certainly been busy touring the country not to mention getting married in the process. The singer/songwriter but poetress first has now come full circle and will bless us once again with a new album of all new material called 'Beautifully Human Words and Sounds Vol. 2'.

"Music is supposed to touch people and act as the bridge between one human being and another. I want listeners to feel something when they experience this album there are songs to remind us to get wild, be quiet and also, be revolutionary" said Jill recently and it's evident that she's achieved that with her sophomore set.

The lead off single and the track I'm reviewing today is 'Golden' - a true slice of sincere soul music if ever I heard it. The song starts off in true Jill Scott fashion with a pulsating beat drenched in morg keys and as she fashioned her lyrics with maritial bliss. Jill is certainly in form as she delivers a stunning performance merited with the technique of modern technology. Said Jill about 'Golden', "After taking time off, I felt like I was just living my life like it was golden it was as if I could polish it, like I could walk past a mirror and just marvel at it. So when I heard the track for the first time, the words just came to me and all I could do was just write them down"

Can it be called a divine intervention of modern poetry maybe to some but it's a prime example of Jill's sincerity to her craft as she talks about the freedom and relativity of living life to the fullest. Jill has always been a woman of her times and her words offeres hope and prosperity to the individual (both young and old).

The album will be on a record shelf near you Aug 31st and from the early word of mouth it's highly anticapated and most likely to succeed her debut - a tall feat I know but only time will tell. A worthy TY-D pick indeed - period


Listen to Jill Scotts - 'Golden'



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