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July 1st 2004

Making a name for himself- Jon BibbsJon Bibbs - Anthology (Independent Release)


It's come accustomed that singers who let's say are not 'blessed' or truly talented have come up trumps on the R&B scene in recent years (I won't drop names but they are out there). So what about the other end of the spectrum where there are truly talented singers who are not getting their fair shake their just due.

We know that the state of Virginia has been producing some fine talent of late. From Missy Elliott to The Neptunes to Jarrard Anthony to name a few and speaking of Jarrard, I must say a big thanks to him for sending me this young mans material. The young man is question singer Jon Bibbs a native of Richmond, Va who is been making a name for himself all on his own.

I received Jon's Anthology disc (a 2 CD set) from Jarrard the other day and I must say I was pleasantly surprised from what I heard. Upon one listen of Jon's track 'True Story' (taken from the CD of the same name) and I knew he was a special talent. A singer to show unparalleled maturity in his relatively short career, Jon has challenged himself to not be compromising but to be a perfectionist and has achieved such feats on each track. 'Call Me', 'If I Cared' and 'So High' are shining examples of his ability as is the delicious and sensual ballads 'The Apologetic Serenade' and the acoustic driven 'Amazin'.

Also offered here on the Anthology is Red - The Colour of Love which would naturally be seen as the next step in his 'colourful' musical journey. 'Liberation' offers a sensibility of inner exploration while my favourite of the lot 'So Glad I've Found You' gives props to the one you love. My one gripe is that some tracks are a little short (time wise some are a little over 2 and a half minutes in length) but that aside a great array of songs readily geared for your listening ear.

To date he's worked with Bilal and Frankie to name a few. His influences are of those who's R&B status is legendary Marvin Gaye, Al Green and Gladys Knight. He pulls no punches where his music is concerned it's honest, revealing and tells a tale in every chapter which is what good music is crafted to do. The message is clear love is what it's about and all kinds of love is available want it or not.

As Jon said in an interview on his Red - The Colour of Love CD ''Love is supreme, love is the highest of the highs, I just feel like we have to learn to love: one - we have to truly please God and two - we have to learn to love if we really wanna save ourselves as a species, as human beings. The truth about love that it's hard it's hard to keep, it's hard to get, it's hard to find but the reality is that once you got it, can't nobody take it away'' A thought for the masses I'm sure. A TY-D Pick for you to enjoy. 


Listen to Jon Bibbs - 'True Story'

Listen to Jon Bibbs - 'So Glad I've Met You'



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