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Oct 1st 2000

Sweetness - Syleena JohnsonSyleena Johnson - Ain't no love: (Jive)


With the coming of age in the 'new standard soul music' scene, newcomer Syleena Johnson is being compared to the likes of 'Carleen Anderson ', 'Erykah Badu 'and ' N'Dea Davenport '. So just who is Syleena Johnson well she is a lass with a bright and shining future ahead of her if this record is any indication.

From her forthcoming debut album called 'Chapter 1: Love, Pain & Forgiveness ' (which is due out later this year) 'Ain't no love' is a record worthy of the attention it is drawing. Syleena invites you into her world of love with sincere deliverance of not letting you out, the record stands out on the merit of her beautiful voice that carries the song from start to finish and speaking of finish the 12' version seems to never finish as it features 11mins of pure pleasure. 

Not much else is known about this young songstress and details on the album release is sketchy at best but if this track is any indication to what we have to expect on the album then we are in for something special so I am anxious for its arrival - a worthy Ty-D Pick




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