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May 15th 2000

Jill Scott - Who is Jill Scott? Words n Sounds Vol.1: LP (Hidden Beach/Epic)


When I first heard Jill Scott's voice on the song 'Dreamin ' (featured on the 'In too Deep ' soundtrack) I told myself WOW she is definitely someone to look out for because you just knew she is something truly special. After more than the better part of a  year later she drops her debut set 'Who is Jill Scott?Words and Sounds Vol.1 (on Hidden Beach/Epic).

This soulful lass from Philly is the Aretha Franklin of our new era. She wrote all the tracks, sung all the songs and had a hand in producing a few to boot. This lady is truly a talent in every sense of the word who got her big break when The Roots heard her sing a few years back. 

This debut CD is superbly produced by Jeff Townes (the other half of the group Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince) and up and coming young guns Vidal Davis and Andre Harris.  Her vocals has such an infectious appeal to you that you are mesmorized by it's sheer beauty and just have to rewind the song to make sure you don't miss a note. To me every song is a bonafided hit from start to finish which makes it very hard to pick a favorite out of the lot. 

The 1st single 'Love Rain ' is poetry in motion literally as her vibe and flow carries the song effortly and you are treated to a brilliant remix featuring Mos Def on the 12" (take note DJ's - be on the look out) 'Brotha ' gets the jazzy late night treatment and 'Getting in the way '.... simply doesn't it opens your mind for what's in store you're in for next. 

With 16 songs total (yes songs not interludes) you most definitely get your money's worth. Other notables include the hidden track 'Try ', 'Slowly Surely ', 'Show me ', 'It's Love ', 'Honey Molasses ', Exclusively ' and 'A Long Walk'. A TY-D Pick that you must have if you are a true soul fan.






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