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Felicia Adam's Interview

Below is the interview for the very talented singer/songwriter soon to be actress Felicia Adams. This page is best viewed using IE 5.5 and higher and to listen to the audio sample/s you will need a media player (preferably Windows Media or Real Player)

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Sir TY (US contributing reviewer of M2F mag)

Dated: Mar. 20th 2003

Felicia Adams Interview


An R&B/soul singer/songwriter with ammense talent is one of the labels to best describe Felicia Adams but there is so much more that behind her persona. She wrote and performed the hit title track to the John Singleton film 'Baby Boy', worked with the likes of Donnell Jones, Changing Faces and Ashanti to name a few as well as lauched her own entertainment company LadyBoss Enterprises which has a movie in the works amoung other projects. With the arrival of her latest CD 'Read My Lips' available now, she recently took time out of her busy schedule to answer some of our questions ranging from her very first live performance to inspirations to dabble in acting.

Sir TY: Firstly let me say thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this, I appreciate it as do your fans I'm sure.
My pleasure

Sir TY: You started singing from an early age, was this something of a family tradition. Is your family musically talented?
My entire Family sings

Sir TY: When did you realize that you wanted to make singing a career choice?
When I sang my first solo in church at seven years old

Sir TY: What are your parents reaction when you said 'Mom, Dad I want to be a singer', were they supportive or did they advise you to do something else?
Well, they have always been supportive but always encouraged me to have something else to fall back on

Sir TY: You're a songwriter also, what shapes your songwriting material, do you draw from life experiences or fantasy and imagination?
It's a little of both, I get my inspiration from television, books, other peoples experiences as well as my own

Sir TY: You wrote the title song to the John Singleton film 'Baby Boy', how did that come about and have you written songs for other artists and if so who and what song?
John originally was just interested in the song"YOU" for the soundtrack after meeting him through a mutual friend. He then sent me the script and I was inspired to write "BABYBOY" and he loved it. As far as writing for other artist I've written for several to name a few Donell Jones, Changing Faces, Tamia, and as of recent Case for his forthcoming album

Sir TY: Which do you prefer: singing or songwriting and why?
Singing is definitely my preference I love it because it allows me to express myself as an artist, I get to entertain and perform I become one with my audience it's amazing. Songwriting is also great because the creative process is so fulfilling

Sir TY: You've said that Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick and Stevie Wonder left an indelible mark with you but what I want to know is who's been your biggest influence and why?
Different artist inspire me all the time it all depends on where I am in my life at the time I will always have my favorites but there are so many doing so many amazing things it's really hard to just pin point one or two. I could tell you this though, My Mom and Dad are a great inspiration because they have taught me to be the person I am today and I love them dearly

Sir TY: You've worked with acts such as Donnell Jones and Ashanti, What was the experience and their work ethic like?
Working with artist period are always great experiences. Donell and I are actually old friends so our relationship was alot deeper than a working relationship we had a bond and experienced a lot of the early years of this game together.

Sir TY: You've launched your own entertainment company LadyBoss Enterprises, that will be an outlet to market and distribute your music and other projects, do you have any projects in the works that you can tell us about?
Yes. LadyBoss is my baby, it took a lot of hard work to get to this point and there is still so much more work to be done but I'm keeping the faith and I believe that it will be successful. By the way I do have a movie project in the works that I am very excited about the tentative title is called the "INDUSTRY"

Sir TY: In the future any desires to venture outside the music industry and tackle something else like acting for instance
For sure, acting has always been a passion of mine I'm looking forward to tackling more of my artistic side.

Sir TY: Who do you listen to on your time?
I am very versitile with the music I listen to. Usher, The Candy Butchers, Al Jarreau, Stevie Wonder, Anita Baker, Janet the list goes on

Sir TY: The album's called 'Read my Lips' any particular reason why you chose that title?
The title is subliminal meaning PAY ATTENTION!!! My lyrics tell a story and while working on this project I always had a habit of telling people as they were listening to pay attention and listen to the lyrics. I believe that anyone can relate to any of the songs on the album, so even if you can't hear a word i'm saying you will be forced to "READ MY LIPS" because there is so much passion

Sir TY: Who did you work with on the album and are there any collaborations on it?
No collaborations this time around. However, I worked with Chris Liggio who has worked with several recording artist such as Jay-Z, Case, and Frankee. Chris and I have a long time working relationship and I think he is absolutely amazing we create magic together. He is the most talented producer I know

Sir TY: Speaking of collaborations, is there anyone in the industry who you would like to work with and why?
USHER, BEYONCE, R-KELLY need I say more!!!!!!!!!!

Sir TY: Where can we get the CD?
Right now you can get the CD online at feliciaadams.com and you lucky people in the UK can get in various stores in your area thanks to cafedesoul.co.uk

Sir TY: Can you recall what it was like doing your very first performance to a large crowd? were you nervous?
Very Scary, my very first big show 10,000 people was with Brandy, 702, Usher and Brownstone in chicago 1995 SCARY but one of the best times of my life. I LOVE to Perform.....

Sir TY: Where are you performing next?
Hopefully in town near you:)

Sir TY: To date, what's been your biggest achievement?
MY Daughter and developing this project.

Sir TY: Anything you'd like to say to your fans?
Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou my biggest sales have been from overseas you guys appreciate good music and I so grateful that you embraced me and love my music. some of you hsve sent me some of the sweetest emails saying how i have touched your lives with my songs. Well, you have touched my life with your kind words and support. God bless you all and hopefully I will see you all soon. I can't wait.. I LOVE YOU GUYS God Bless

Listen to Felicia Adams latest hit 'Share my love'

Listen to Felicia Adams 'Only You (Bring me joy) rmx'





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