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Urban Vibe's  Interview

Below is the interview I had with the very talented singer/songwriter Juliette Foster of Urban Vibe. This page is best viewed using IE 5.5 and higher and to listen to the audio sample/s you will need a media player (preferably Windows Media or Real Player)

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Sir TY (US contributing reviewer of M2F mag)

Dated: Mar. 25th 2004

Urban Vibe's Interview


Urban Vibe is a trio who hail from Coventry City, about 40 miles outside of London, England. They consist of Alvin Leon (Keys, programming) Andrew Harding - (Bass & lyrics) and Juliette 'Joolz' Foster (Lyrics & vocals). Their musical message and sound are influenced by R&B, soul and urban music artists especially those of the neo-soul circuit (Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and Eric Benet). Although they've released a 7 song EP independently that spawned hits like 'Fallin' for You' and 'Got me Thinking', they've yet to catch that 'big break'. I recently caught up with lead singer and songwriter Joolz on my recent trip back to England and had the chance to chat about Urban Vibe, life as a singer and more.

Sir TY: Joolz, do you mind if I call you Joolz, (Joolz: not at all) let me say from the off thank you for taking the time to do this interview. I appreciate it very much.
Joolz: You're welcome TY

Sir TY: When did you start singing was it from an early age or did you just recently get into it?
I Always sang , but got into session singing at the age of 19 where I worked on other peoples tracks for money. Now I only write my own stuff moving between studios

Sir TY: What does your parents think about your singing are they supportive or gave you advise on 'something to fall back on'
Dad always told me to have something to fall back on . . .said the music business is too competitive and not to rely on it . Being musicians themselves (used to do the folk circuit) they know the pitfalls. Most musicians never earn as much as they could in a day job. Mum is always trying to help me make music my ' main earner!' Both are supportive of my music though.

Sir TY: You're a songwriter also what shapes your songwriting material, do you draw from everyday life experiences, fantasy or imagination?
Alot of experience, a little fantasy (to add a bit more drama). Imagination comes into it as I throw myself into the role while writing.

Sir TY: How did Urban Vibe come to be and how did you come up with the name?
Urban Vibe came to be because we all decided that we needed to get our name out there. We picked the name without thinking . . we are urban and on the day we were thinking were listing to one of the backing tracks ; a good vibe, we all said the same thing at the same time ' urban vibe'

Sir TY: 'Falling for You' got gravy spins and garnered rave reviews throughout your native UK, were you surprised by that?
Flattered, it was really nice to see our name in national mags like Blues and Soul. It was great to have such support

Sir TY: You're married to one of the band members what is the working relationship like with you both, is there the clash of personalities as far as work ethic is concerned or has it been smooth sailing?
Business is business, of course there are things you would say to your husband that you wouldn't say to someone else - (for example, 'would you like to sing that again but in tune this time; was a classic Alvin comment often made for a giggle)

Sir TY: Are you working on any new material at the moment?
With Urban Vibe . . no, but just recorded 4 tracks with Northtown Records in London with 2 other singers under band name 'Soul Trinity' (consist of singers Yevais and Damian and myself) I also record in two studios in birmingham, Dire Hard recordings, and Darkman productions. I am performing the latest ('Unconditional') at Galaxy radio showcase tomorrow. ('Unconditional' was recorded at Dire hard Recordings)

Sir TY: At this point in time would you sign to a major label or stay independent?
I would like to stay independant. Most majors offer one path. . career suicide

Sir TY: Who are your musical influences personally?
Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross are my biggest influences.

Sir TY: Who would you personally like to work with singer or producer in the industry and why?
I would love to work with Musiq Soulchild and Erykah Badu. Wouldn't mind doing backing vocals, but I think they do their own mostly.

Sir TY: What was your first live performance like for you was it a nerve wrecking experience?
Don't really remember being nervous as such, because we all sing around the piano at home all the time. My life is a performance.

Sir TY: Are you performing now and if so where?
At the moment I am not performing anywhere for money as I am doing new stuff so don't have a live band set up.just doing showcases

Sir TY: Of all the songs you've done to date, which is your favourite or do you have a favourite?
I suppose it would be like having several 30 children and someone asking you the same, I have no favourites!

Sir TY: Who do you listen to on your time away from singing and writing?
Joolz: Erykah
, Musiq Soulchild, Beyonce, Lewis Taylor and Marvin Gaye

Sir TY: To date, what's been your biggest achievement?
Musically? I don't really know . . seriously. I don't think I have achieved yet.

Sir TY: For someone who's thinking of becoming a singer and song writer such as yourself, do you have any advice?
I am still trying to perfect my own writing, so I suppose exactly that ... Listen to songs, never be completely satisfied that you have written the best song you could have written.

Sir TY: Anything you'd like to say to your fans?
Fans I've got fans :)

Listen to Urban Vibe's latest hit 'Ooh la, la, la'

Listen to Urban Vibe's 'Fallin' for You'





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