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Juliette 'Joolz' Leon's  Interview

Below is the interview I had with the very talented (and might I say sexy) singer/songwriter Juliette Leon (formally of Urban Vibe). This page is best viewed using IE 5.5 and higher and to listen to the audio sample/s you will need a media player (preferably Windows Media or Real Player)

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Sir TY (US contributing reviewer of M2F mag)

Dated: Apr. 14th 2004

Juliette Leon's Interview


A few months back I had a chat with the UK outfit Urban Vibe and their lead vocalist Juliette 'Joolz' Leon. The trio who hail from Coventry City (about 40 miles outside of London, England), seemed to be on their way to making a mark on the R&B/Soul scene they just needed to catch that 'lucky break'. Since then the group has dis-banded and Joolz has departed to pursue a solo career. I caught up with the lovely singer and songwriter Joolz via phone today and had a chat about her departure from the band, life as a singer and her little girl.

Sir TY: Hey Joolz how are you doing?
Joolz: I'm alright and you?

Sir TY: I'm good thanks for asking. You and Urban Vibe have gone your seperate ways. Why did you choose to leave the group and pursue a solo career?
Joolz: I needed to spread my wings, unfortunately we were in disagreeance about some remixing opportunties offered which I felt had held us back from progression.

Sir TY: Are you still in contact with the group, will you join up for future collaborations?
Joolz: Still in contact with the group, but they have other commitments now - no plans to join up, but I never say never

Sir TY: You're married to one of the band members what is the working relationship like with you both, is there the clash of personalities as far as work ethic is concerned or has it been smooth sailing?
Business is business, of course there are things you would say to your husband that you wouldn't say to someone else - (for example, 'would you like to sing that again but in tune this time) was a classic Alvin comment often made for a giggle

Sir TY: You're a songwriter also, what shapes your songwriting material, do you draw from everyday life experiences, fantasy or imagination?
Alot of experience, a little fantasy (to add a bit more drama). Imagination comes into it as I throw myself into the role while writing.

Sir TY: At this point in time would you sign to a major label or stay independent?
I would like to stay independant. Most majors offer one path. . career suicide

Sir TY: Who are your musical influences personally?
Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross are my biggest influences.

Sir TY: Who would you personally like to work with singer or producer in the industry and why?
I would love to work with Musiq Soulchild and Erykah Badu. Wouldn't mind doing backing vocals, but I think they do their own mostly.

Sir TY: In the industry, who do you admire the most personally (if anyone)?
Joolz: I admire Erykah Badu, for having individual style - songwriters such as Babyface and I really like Darkchilds production

Sir TY: What does Jools the person do to relax?
Joolz: Dance or kick ass (taekwondo) - I'm taking my black belt for it

Sir TY: Would you want your daughter to follow in your footsteps I hear she's a pretty good singer herself?
Joolz: Most definately, and yes I have got her applying for talent competitions. pushy mom!

Sir TY: Career wise, what would be the ideal situation for you?
Joolz: Music being my day job

Sir TY: Can you obtain it?
Joolz: I will do my upmost to obtain it, if then I fail, then at least I know I tried my hardest

Sir TY: Are you working on any new material at the moment?
With Urban Vibe . . no, but just recorded 4 tracks with Northtown Records in London with 2 other singers under band name 'Soul Trinity' (consist of singers Yevais and Damian and myself) I also record in two studios in birmingham, Dire Hard recordings, and Darkman productions. I am performing the latest ('Unconditional') at Galaxy radio showcase tomorrow. ('Unconditional' was recorded at Dire hard Recordings)

Sir TY: To date, what's been your biggest achievement?
Musically? I don't really know . . seriously. I don't think I have achieved yet.

Sir TY: For someone who's thinking of becoming a singer and song writer such as yourself, do you have any advice?
I am still trying to perfect my own writing, so I suppose exactly that ... Listen to songs, never be completely satisfied that you have written the best song you could have written.

Sir TY: Anything you'd like to say to your fans?
Fans I've got fans :)

Sir TY: Joolz, it's been a pleasure as always. I wish you all the best in your singing career and let us know when the songs are finished, I'd love to write a review on the site for them.
Thanks TY, I will definitely do that. Keep in touch.

Listen to Juliette 'Joolz' Leon's latest hit 'Unconditional'

Listen to Juliette 'Joolz' Leon's 'Take Me There'





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