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Soothing sounds - King Britt
The joyful Joolz - Juliette Leon
Smooth Sounds - Jeff hendrick
Sade reborn? - Aya Musical talent - Frank McComb


Welcome to TYDmusic.com, an informative, interactive website that is catered to the 'Rare Groove' enthusiast. If you are a fond lover of the classic tracks of yesteryear then you have come to the right place as my site has those songs that I'm sure hold very fond memories from the gender we call 'Rare Groove'. Simply click on 'TYDmusicshop' and take a stroll down memory lane.

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Also inside you will find my playlists, pick-hits  and more for my internet radio show 'The Menu' on mixx96fm.com as well as the latest music news and reviews. Visit the TYD-forum where you can discuss issues or just click on the appropriate links from the dropdown menu and browse away (as one would say). - Enjoy!


The Queen returns - Aretha Franklin
Smooth Groove - Norman BrownDoing his thing - Carl ThomasSolid soul -Silhouette BrownShe's 'watching U' - Avani

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