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          TYDmusic.com Listening Centre: Lovers Rock

Welcome to TYDmusic.com's Listening Center. Here you will find the hottest soul grooves that to me are prime cuts. I would of liked to put the entire songs themselves but due to bandwidth restrictions and the size of the flies, I thought it would be better to just put samples of them. To listen, simply click on the track you'd like to hear. Each track is roughly between 40 to 50 seconds long. You will need IE 6.0 and a 'Media Player' to listen to the tracks.

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Alton Ellis - Mr Scabena 
Amy Winehouse - Moody's Mood for Love
Aswad - Back to Africa

B Back 2 top

Bashara - Men cry too
Brown Sugar - Hello Stranger
Brown Sugar - Our reggae music

C Back 2 top

Carol Gonzalez - Spoilt by your love
Carroll Thompson - Is this love
Carroll Thompson - World of love
Cleve Watkiss - Gimme what you got 
Cool Notes, The - My tune 

D Back 2 top

Dawn Penn - You don't love me (No, no, no)
Deborahe Glasgow - Don't Know Much About Love
Deborahe Glasgow - Falling In Love
Delgato - Just a Fool in love
Delgato - Lately
Dennis Brown - Love's got ahold of me
Derrick Cross - No longer Strangers
Diane Heron - Mellow, mellow
Donna Rhoden - Be kind to my man
Donna Rhoden - Falling in love

E Back 2 top

Errol Dunkley - A lil' way different
Errol Dunkley - Autograph

F Back 2 top

Freddie McGregor - Falling in love

G Back 2 top

Gregory Issacs - Night Nurse

H Back 2 top

Heather Perky - I will always love you

I Back 2 top

In Crowd, The - Back a yard
In Crowd, The -Gettin' cozy
In Crowd, The - We play reggae
Intense - The very best 
Intense - You are the one 
Ivonne Douglas - Middle of the night 

J Back 2 top

Jack Wilson - 6th Street 
Janet Kay - Feel no way 
Janet Kay - I do love you 
Janet Kay - Silly Games
Janet Kay - That's what friends are for
Janet Kay - You bring the sun out
Jean Adebambo - Paradise 
Jean Adebambo - Reaching out for a goal
John McClean feat: Kofi - Things may come
John McClean - We both belong
Johnny Clarke - Dancehall Champion
  Junior English - Take care of yourself

K Back 2 top

Kofi - Didn't I? 
Kofi - I'm so proud
Kofi - Looking over love

L Back 2 top

Leroy Simmonds - At the dance
Leroy Simmods - I've got to know 
Louisa Marks - 6th Street
Louisa Marks - Caught you in a lie
Louisa Marks - Even though you're gone
Louisa Marks - Hello there
Louisa Marks - Tell it like it is
Love & Unity - I adore you 

M Back 2 top

Marie Dawn - What is this?
Marie Pierre - Can't go through with life
Marie Pierre - Nothing gained from loving you
Melina Carone - Special kind of love
  Matumbi - Ordinary Man

N Back 2 top

Norman 'Star' Collins - Let me go

O Back 2 top

P Back 2 top

Paulette Tajah - Black skin boys
Paulette Tajah - Last night
Paulette Tajah - Let's make a baby
Pure Silk - Got to make you mine
Pure Silk - Hurting on the inside

Q Back 2 top

R Back 2 top

Ranking Superstar - Wisdom
Revelation - With you boy

S Back 2 top

Sandra Cross - Can't let you go
Sandra Cross - I adore you
Sandra Cross - Just don't care
Sandra Cross - So in love
Shara Nelson - Love hits you 
Sharon Forrester - Dreams 
Sharon Forrester - Silly wasn't I? 
Sheila Hylton - Bed's too big without you 
Sister SS - Stop hurting me 
Slim Banton - Two's company 
Sonia Ferguson - Just for your love 
Susan Cadogan - You know how to make me feel so good
Sylvia Tella - Spell 

T Back 2 top

Tex Johnson - Keep on loving me 
The Robotics feat: Fenton Smith - Blood's thicker than water 
Trevor Hartley - I'm the one who loves you 
Trevor Walters - Woman of moods 
True Harmony - Don't let it go to your head 
Tyrone David - Mind blowing decisions 

U Back 2 top

V Back 2 top

Victor 'Romeo' Evans - At the club 
Victor 'Romeo' Evans - One for my baby
Vivian Jones - Give you love

W Back 2 top

Wendy Walker - Your love

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